Class Descriptions


To register for class, complete a Prairies Dog Acres, LLC Registration Form and Release Form and remit with payment upon arrival of first class. 


Please also review all the Prairie Dog Acres, LLC Guidelines before attending class.


K9 Nose Work Classes

Bring out your dog’s natural scenting and hunting abilities with this new canine sport inspired by working detection dogs. Any dog can be a Nose Work dog, dogs of every age, size and ability, including special needs. Watch your dog’s inner wolf come out. Great for shy dogs that need to build confidence and reactive dogs that need a job.


Intro to Nose Work:

K9 Nose Work starts with getting your dog excited about using his nose to seek out a favorite toy or treat reward hidden in one of several boxes, expanding the game to entire rooms, exterior areas, and vehicles.


Intro to Odor:

The first target odor, Birch, is introduced.  Increased challenges and new search skills added as the dog progresses.

Preparation for first Odor Recognition Test.

Continuing Nose Work:

Continuing Nose Work is for dogs that have completed the Introduction to Odor Nose. This class will continue to develop handler skills and will introduce the teams to additional target odors. Introduction to exteriors and vehicles. Preparation for K9 Nose Work tests.


Agility Classes


Beginning Agility: (For dogs 1 year and older)

Dogs must have basic obedience skills to attend.

Introduction to clicker training and agility concepts (targeting and off-leash work). Familiarization with all the agility obstacles (contacts, weave poles, tire, tunnels and jumps).


Novice Agility: (For dogs 1 year and older)

Dogs must have basic obedience skills to attend.

Previous familiarization with all the agility obstacles required.

Beginning sequencing and continued training of weave poles and contacts for increased proficiency.


Open Agility:

Beginning course analysis and introduction to more advanced handling skills.


Obedience Classes


Puppy Kindergarten: (For puppies 12 weeks to 6 months)

Puppies will learn basic manners and socialization skills.  Obedience skills will include sit, down, stand, wait and how to walk properly on leash.  Housebreaking, chewing and other “puppy problems” will be discussed.  All household members including children are encouraged to attend.


Basic Obedience: (For dogs 6 months and older)

Introduction to clicker training.  Dogs are taught manners, sit, stay, down, stand, recall, walking on leash, etc.   Minor behavior problems addressed.